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Respite Finder is a directory that is easy to use and helps families and care providers to identify potential sources of respite relief and other resources, including recreational options available in the Hume Region and its local areas.

 Respite Finder enables you to
  •  select the age group of the person participating in the respite
  •  search for a respite service via suburb or local government area
  •  specify the type of respite or activity you are interested in
This will improve finding information to meet your needs.
To find respite care services, it is easily navigated by selecting a locality and age (and optionally a type of disability and/or a type of respite/service), view Respite Finder
Why Respite Finder?
Respite Finder is the 'Search for Services' function that will be used by all the sites linked to the DHS Central Respite Victorian website.www.respitevictoria.org.au
The aim is to provide a consistant approach across Victoria, that provides up to date information about disability respite for families and carers, people with a disability and service providers. .
Respite Hume  has Local options and information on service providers, support and referral agencies, funding and resources and support groups.


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